Covid-19 Policy

Safety plan for COVID 19 mitigation at Tidy Tanks Ltd.

  1. The company will remain closed to the public until further notice.
  2. Employees that can work from home will do so as instructed by the G.M.
  3. Customers can arrange to pick up goods by telephone. Then pull into parking lot and remain in vehicle while goods are loaded. For goods which must be paid for by chip card, the office manager or G.M. will accept payment through the doorway while wearing appropriate PPE. The reader will then be disinfected and the PPE either disinfected or discarded. Goods will then be placed where customer can retrieve them.
  4. Customers will not be allowed to enter front office, shipping office or back yard, (tank yard), which will remain closed to the public.
  5. Employees will not be allowed to enter the front office or shipping office.



  1. Do not come to work if you’re sick.
  2. Maintain social distancing from other staff members (at least 6 ft at all times). When doing jobs (like operating brake press) that make 6 ft. difficult then wear your face shield. (or optional N95 face mask)
  3. Do not congregate around time clock or coffee machine. (be patient about getting coffee or punching in).
  4. Wash hands frequently.
  5. Report any customers, truckers, or staff who appear to be sick and remain on the premises.


Brian Nelson G.M.